Previous Research of Steffen Dietzel

Organization of metaphase chromosomes

Before I came to Munich, from February 1998 until April 2000, I was a Post-doc in the group of Andrew S. Belmont at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We were able to describe a reproducible but dynamic positioning of DNA within chromosomes during mitosis ( see publication ). For further information about the lab see the lab-homepage .
For most of my time there, I received a fellowship ("Forschungstipendium") from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the central German research funding agency (DFG-site English - Deutsch ).
If you wonder where Urbana is, look for the red star in the middle of this.

 Polycomb distribution in Drosophila cells (with MOVIES and IMAGES)

From May 1996 to January 1998  I was a Post-doc in the group of Renato Paro at the ZMBH , University of Heidelberg from May 1996 until January 1998. There, I worked on the distribution of Polycomb-GFP fusion proteins in Drosophila cell nuclei. I put some of the data online , including movies of developing Drosophila embryos and high resolution scans of individual cells. You also can find more information about this work on the web page of the Paro lab .

Organization of Interphase Chromosomes

As Diploma- and as Ph.D. student I was in the group of Thomas Cremer at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Heidelberg .  I worked on the arrangement of chromosomes in the interphase nucleus of human cells, with special regard on female X-chromosomes. See my publication list for details. During this time I closely collaborated with Roland Eils who developed the required image processing and image analysis tools. Some of the resulting images can be seen at his Web site . Unfortunately the Faculty of Biology of the University of Heidelberg refused the permission to write my thesis in English, therefore it is in German and thus I didn't put it online.

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